How could you ever believe that you were less than perfect, my love?

When all I make is Love in perfect form

A perfect blue sky
And an infinite amount of perfect snowflakes

Every branch, every leaf, every cell that grows or dies
Is in absolute perfection
In harmony with All

And not one thing can exist without the other

How could you believe, my love, that you are anything but perfect
If the Love that made this perfect day is the same Love that created you

What if you would allow this truth into your heart, into your being

That you are aboslutely perfect, with all your flaws and all your weaknesses, all the parts of you that make you feel ashamed, guilty
All the parts of you that feel broken

What if you would show them to me, and I would respond with nothing but Love

Nothing but infinite, unconditional, patient, peaceful, heart-filling Love

And I would not let you go until you feel all of my Love,
Until you realize down to your core

All of you.

Would you let me?

-      Love letter from God (2)